Winter weather…

As you have heard lately we’ve been hit with very cold temps (down to single digits) for southern Oregon.  The snow is gone, but what we have now is freezing fog – until the next storm comes in.  This stuff is thick like pea soup…  when it comes in, visibility can go down to practically zero (okay, okay… about 100 feet visibility).

Borderline of freezing fog showing how thick it is.

Freezing fog

Construction has started….

Hi Everyone –

Slowly I’m learning WordPress… it’s pretty intuitive once you learn your way around, but it does take time.  A lot of changes are going on under the hood… so be please have patience… things will get rolling shortly.IMG_3336

The photo above is of the Marin Headlands at sunrise (taken from the Bolinas Mesa).

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Hello world!

Beautifulvista is a site dedicated to photography, bicycling, kayaking and other fun stuff.  It’s been around for well over 10 years, and will always serve to bring you the beautiful things in life.

The site is being re-organized and updated… stay tuned for new photos and other areas of interest that will start appearing soon.

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Morning sunrise taken near our home in southern Oregon.

Morning sunrise taken near our home in southern Oregon.